Semester: 2019/2020 Fall


Instructor: Ekin Uğurlu


Office Hours: Thursday 14:30-16:00


Catalog Description: Real numbers, intervals, absolute value, Inequalities, Graphs of Quadratic Equations, parabolas, Functions, Trigonometric functions, Transcendental functions, Limits and Continuity,  Limits at infinity and infinite limits, Differentiation, chain rule, The Mean Value Theorem, implicit differentiation, Applications of Derivatives (Related rates, Indeterminate Forms and L’Hôpital’s Rule, Curve Sketching, Optimization).


Textbook: Calculus: A Complete Course, 7th ed., R. A. Adams and  C. Essex, Pearson, 2010.


Reference Books: Thomas’ Calculus, 12th ed., G. B. Thomas, Jr. and M. D. Weir and J. Hass, Addison-Wesley, 2009


Evaluation Criteria: Two midterm examinations (50% each), one final examination (40%), Quiz (%10)


Exam Dates

Midterm 1:  30.10.2019, 11:20 at RB01

Midterm 2:   27.11.2019, 11:20 at RB01

Make-up for midterms: 27.12.2019 Friday 10:20 PA01

Final Exam: 02.01.2020 Thursday 12:30 RA 01


Make up for Final: 13.01.2020 at 10:00 NA02